I am a nomad...

I travel between inner and outer universes.

Assigned to ephemeral residences, I travel through  territories first virgin, anonymous, immaculate...

Facing the impose route, I go off the tracks, follow random side ways in the flow.


Suddenly, the landmarks become blurred. The space becomes narrower, confused, messy, without perspective, without relief !

I am turning back. The body reaches its own limits, out of breath, panting, emptying...

By trials and errors, the territory marks itself, takes shape, orientates itself.

The adventure materializes by layers, plans, lines and great landmarks.


With deep breaths, I walk through hostile then familiar space.

Getting orientation, getting lost to find the way again :

I design unknown landscapes.


I give up the path for new explorations...


free expression & energy

My painting is pure painting, freed from the only verbal content. Although it may seem informal and deconstructed, it has nevertheless its own rules. Without improvisation or  gestural expression, it would not exist. The lyrical abstraction of the 50th brings its influence here. Each canvas is based on action, excluding any model and without any preconceived idea. The gesture defies the white canvas, the graphic and chromatic layer are superimposed, gradually finding their own logic. Where the given are different each time, where the rules are constantly being redesigned... 
My canvases are thus like palimpsests, being at the same time supports of the action and mnemonic instruments of the pictorial experience. They materialize the act of painting through successive recordings of process states, including hesitations and repentance. My  painting spontaneously exhibits a sensual energy. The canvas is the materialization of sensations a priori, rather than the result of a thoughtful project. It reflects a sincere, dynamic dialogue between the painter and his blank canvas.

border & in-between

My painting plays with borders. It explores in-betweens. It makes figures emerge gradually. These, partially defined, fleeting, articulated to chromatic planes,  form ephemeral pictorial spaces.
Also the broken letter acts as a graphic sign to be completed in form and meaning. The word is a graphic space to be grasped and a linguistic field to be invested. It challenges and stimulates polysemy. Between figuration and abstraction, between letters and pictorial signs, the canvases do without any rational appreciation. Evanescence succeeds formal worship.

open work & communication

My painting does not exist without the viewer !

Her or his contemplative gaze descrives sensitive and meaningful journeys, revocable at every moment. Unfinished, unpredictable et multifaceted,  pictorial spaces succeed  to the canvas and are declined according to the liking of perceptions. They recall the "open work" defined by Umberto Ecco. Because in its materiality, the work wants to be a real visual stimulus to be completed, playing with chance and accommodating a multitude of virtual meanings. The canvases bet on the encounter with thspectator and it is through her or his gaze that they come in life.

Provided she or he is a participant,  the viewer becomes a "spect-actor".